Dear Kara and Carmen,

I just want you to know how much our family enjoyed having you as our Wedding Planner for Danielle and Sam’s Wedding.

Because of you my husband and I enjoyed every minute of Danielle and Sam’s Wedding.
Because of you we heard every song, every toast and watched Danielle’s eyes light up.
Because of you I not once worried about the time.
Because of you we didn’t worry about anything, you took care of everything.
Because of you I look back and remember the Beautiful Day and every detail.
And, because of you we have stunning pictures………….

To all the mothers and fathers of the Brides, Kara and Carmen care, they went out of their way to make sure our Daughters wedding was everything we wanted and more and I will always have a place in my heart for the the two of them.

Diana and Dana

Carmen was – from start to finish – a true partner in our planning process and throughout the event. Her attention to detail, style and sophistication, balanced with a calm, confident demeanor made for a stress-free and impeccably organized wedding. Everything a bride (and groom!) could hope for. When we first set out on our wedding planning journey (and it is a journey!), we thought a wedding planner perhaps unnecessary. We discovered that Ella Events could provide support that was tailored to our specific needs at a great price, and there was no turning back. I personally believe that our wedding simply would not have been the success it was without Carmen’s guidance and support. Don’t think twice! Carmen is downright fabulous and so easy to work with.

Amy and Mark

Hiring Ella Events to work with us for Day of services was one of the best wedding decisions we made. Kara was amazing, laid-back (in a very good way), and fun to work with–we could not have made a better choice in wedding planners. Kara made it possible to relax and enjoy our day without having to think or stress about anything. Everything was taken care of and worked out beautifully. I cannot say enough about how great Kara (and Carmen) are to work with-all of our other vendors also commented on how much they enjoyed working with Kara (and how happy they were that we hired a planner).

Lindsay and Dan

I can’t say enough about Carmen – she kept us (my mom and I) SANE during this process. Many of my guests commented on her calm demeanor and ability to quickly and quietly solve problems during the reception. Carmen is a delight to work with.

Laura and Noel

I called Ella Weddings after reading an article in Oregon Bridal Magazine-Best Wedding Planner 2006. It was a Saturday morning-my wedding was 2 months away. I didn’t have any ideas on how to decorate the ceremony site or how to make everything come together. I made my desperate call for help and within 10 seconds of speaking with Carmen I knew I had made the right decision. I like to think I’m an organized person and thought I had everything figured out, but really there was no way I would have been able to pull off my wedding day without her.
I handed over all of my contracts, notes, issues- absolutely everything I had completed up to that point, and Carmen with a smile took over. A few days later she put together a checklist of things I still needed to do, and things I needed to make decisions on. For example questions regarding the fine print on contracts I had signed, time discrepancies that I didn’t see, she was so detailed down to: Did you purchase the proper undergarments- which I had not, and probably would not have.
Carmen also created a “day of” agenda so I knew how everything would play out down to the last minute on our wedding day. Most brides will say My Wedding day flew by, I don’t remember anything”. Thanks to Carmen I remember everything down to the details on the tables, the cake, the music, the flowers and how the food tasted because she made sure I sat down and ate. Large or small wedding I personally feel having a coordinator is a must, but more importantly finding the right coordinator. Carmen is great at what she does; she is a perfectionist and has an eye for detail.

Dawn Miller Stevens

The wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. You (and Kara) were just amazing and, as I’ve said before, I don’ think it would have happened without you. So, thank you, thank you for everything. I will be happy to recommend you highly should you ever need me to. Also, thank you for your sweet gift of the vegan cookbook. I had read about that book and am thrilled to own it!! You are amazing

Nikki and Thomas

After picking the groom, choosing Ella Weddings was by far the best wedding decision I could have made. I was never someone who anticipated ever wanting or needing a wedding coordinator, but even arranging for a relatively modest wedding the details can quickly become utterly overwhelming. It’s not a question of not being able to plan your perfect wedding yourself, it’s about having the whole process be a rewarding one, and not a constant struggle for sanity. Even though I was the one making the contacts and decisions, having Carmen around was like having someone else in my court – Carmen kept track of all the details as I collected them, and then was able to brilliantly advise and help prioritize. And on the day of the wedding, she was the one running around making sure everything was going according to plan, leaving me to calmly sip Champagne with my girlfriends! My mother was in complete awe of her. Believe me, Carmen has the poise, taste and effortless command of every situation to help ease you through the minefield of planning a unique, personal wedding. She helps you realize your vision and be “you, only better”!

Becca Werlin